My Thoughts on Lewis Capaldi's Debut Album!


Yo future anna, remember when no one knew who Lewis Capaldi is and now he is adored by millions? It’s crazy to think that he was supporting Bastille a few months ago and I saw him on a tiny stage sing his heart out, and after releasing the music video for Someone You Loved starring Peter Capaldi, and many cool sunglasses photos, his music is now known by a crazy amount of people, he has sold out his first ever arena tour and provided the world with a 12 track album which has been highly anticipated. Let’s do the review thing where you listen to a song and write about it as you listen to it! I have heard some on these songs as they were previously released as singles, and I heard some live when I saw him but I can’t remember those, haha! But you’ll still get all my thoughts, so let’s do this!! Here is Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent by Lewis Capaldi…

Feel free to listen along to the album as you read!


Ooh I love this one!! It’s been on my chill playlist for a while. I like how it’s a simple piano ballad really full of emotion, but there are different elements which liven it up through the added instruments and layered harmonies. It’s a gorgeous song with such a sad backstory. I think this song is a great choice to open up the album as it truly showcases Lewis’ voice and what he can do as well as his sound, which people may feel is always sad if they’ve just listened to Someone You Loved, but this tells them that this album won’t all be sad, there will be some upbeat moments even if the lyrics aren’t telling the same story.


Lewis Capaldi sounds nothing like Tom Grennan, but as soon as this song started, it really reminded me of him. I think it’s the flow of his voice, I like it. I thought I hadn’t heard this song, but now we’re in the chorus, I have, and I adore it. It’s so strong yet upsetting which Lewis does so well. Each of his songs is a total powerhouse, mainly thanks to his voice, but truly shares with the listener these incredible feelings which we all go through. The bridge is so lovely and delicate, but we can hear that Lewis is broken. He communicates his feelings incredibly well.

Hold Me While You Wait

I think this is his most recent single and I have listened to it I think hah! It’s peaceful yet dramatic. The way he sings in this one feels slightly sadder than the previous songs. “I wish you cared a little more” wow, he really knows how people can break hearts, and he can sing a good song about it. That final note, I can imagine him challenging himself to get it longer and longer each night of tour haha!!

Someone You Loved

It’s the big one that launched him!! This tune has been on my playlist since I first heard it after I saw him live. I can remember just chilling and not knowing anything about him and then he opened his mouth and the whole venue was silent. We were all completely in awe of this guy. This song is. So beautiful and probably means something different to everyone who has heard it, especially with the story of the music video. The lyrics are gorgeous, and it’s a song that will never grow old.


Ooh hello!!! Ah I really like this. It’s chill, and alive and still full of emotion, HOW DOES HE DO IT?? Oh no. it’s so sad. Poor lil baby lewis. Omg. I thought this song might be a lil more hopeful in its lyrics but nope, hahha! I still really like the vibe of the song but the lyrics are sad.


What an angel omg. Ok another sad song. This is a sad boi hours album for sureee. I’m sat on a train whilst listening to this album and this is one of those songs that I’m listening to whilst starring out the window and I feel like me and my love have just ended and it’s the music video and I might cry omg LEWIS STOPPPP! Good song though.


Oh ok this is like Lewis’ take on thank u next and I like it. He’s been sad and now he’s understanding and getting over it YES KID!!! 

Don’t Get Me Wrong

Wow. His voice is just on a whole other level, and I love how you do not expect it at all when you see him. Don’t get him wrong indeed! This song is quite simple and straight to the point. It’s calm and I love the beat so so much. I love the harmonies behind the main voice, it really is perfect for this song. It still feels full even though it is calmer.


Apparently, I’ve heard this one live according to twitter, but I cannot remember. I like the guitar and the pace so far. Oh yes, I really like this one. It’s funny because people always see Hollywood as the place where dreams come true and fairy tales begin but in this case it’s being used as something to fill your head with after something bad is happened. But it also touches on how this Hollywood lifestyle may have consumed him and possibly be part of the problem. Very interesting indeed. I like this song. It’s upbeat and I can move to it which I love finding in songs. Even though it’s sad, I’ll add it to my playlist.

Lost On You

The sad piano is back. “You know that I adore you,” I think I have heard this one. The chorus sounds familiar and it’s gorgeous but so heart breaking. This whole album is a sucker punch to the heart area.


This song feels old, like you’d hear it on an old record. But the chorus is fiery and more modern. I love the beat and ooh there’s no drums and wow hello what is happening. It’s still sad but the backing track has come to life, and now it’s left Lewis to end it on his own. His voice is timeless, oh wow he isn’t afraid to put all of his feelings out there, no matter how sad.


The last song on the album… I like how final tracks on albums are sad and heartfelt and slower than the previous tracks. This song really does tie all the songs on this album together in a peaceful way. It’s a lovely song, and the lyrics tell us how he is now moving on and out of this sad headspace which is great to hear.

So, that was Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent. I liked it. Lewis has really established himself as an incredible singer and with this growing audience, he is only going to get bigger and bigger. Even though this album was emotional, revealing, and overall beautiful, I felt that there wasn’t anything super exciting about it. His voice is fantastic but thinking about it now nothing really stood out to me about it. I’m not hating, just stating how I like when albums have their fun section and then their slow section but this whole album was slow and sad. That’s another thing, I feel very sad now haha! Each song was great but the whole album in one go is quite a lot of emotion to deal with! I really recommend listening to Hollywood, Don’t Get Me Wrong, Maybe, and Bruises if you’d like an insight into the album but don’t have time to listen to the full thing.

For a debut album, I was fantastic and the whole world now knows that Lewis can sing. I’m excited to see what he does next, and hopefully he gets a little happier too. I’d hate for him to be sad.

Enjoy seeing him live in November future anna! 


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