Mobile Mind #7


whattup future anna! I haven't done one of these blog posts in a while where I talk about how I'm feeling. So long in fact that it's nearly been a year haha! The last one looked at my first few months in London, and the fact I've nearly been here for a year is CRAZY! I just cannot believe it, at all!!

Overall, I've been good. Really good. Obviously I've had moments where I just want a hug and a cry and to be home, but that is overweighed by all the good that has happened. Even though I can focus on it and that makes me worry, I just have to remind myself of how lucky I am!

So, instead of looking at moments where I've felt anxious like I normally do for these posts, I'm going to be looking at how I've been dealing with the upside-down moments!


I love being on my own. I don't mind it at all. If I wanna go somewhere, I don't feel like I need to find someone to go with, I just go on my own! But when I'm on my own in a house and it's night and there are noises, it can be FREAKY. I'm a lot better than I was and can stay on my own, but if I can, I will ask a friend to stay over so I feel all good! It's much better than when I first moved but still not 100%

I feel happy on my own, but often having a friend just makes me feel a whole lot securer.


We all have moments when we binge and feel like chocolate and all that bad stuff will make us feel better but after, I don't know about you but I always feel worse. It's a nice time to start with but then I highly regret it all. As much as I can, even when I'm out, I try and eat well for my body. I can have pudding and all the good stuff, but I just have to make sure that I have at least my 5 a day and drink plenty of water. It makes my body and face feel better too which fills me with so much confidence. When I have confidence, I feel a lot less anxious in crazy situations.


I love going to the theatre, seeing films, experiencing all the world around me has to offer, and it's something that used to fill me with a lot of fear, but now, I feel so so happy doing them and just wanna be out all the time doing them! I enjoy them, they distract me from my anxiety and make me feel a lot better, so I treat myself to doing them! If there's something that you love doing and lifts you away from worry, do it!


When I'm in London, I feel like I need to be doing something at all times to make the most of my time here. I will literally fill every hour of my weekends, so when I'm back at 7pm, I'm just so tired and wanna watch TV. I need to do it more, but right now, every now and then I treat myself to a slow morning where I can lie in and just take my time. Or do something, then after lunch, relax and watch a film! I need to do nothing more often but right now, I seem to be sorting my time a lot better which makes me feel a lot better.

I feel a lot happier now I have some things I can do to make myself happy and not worry. Obviously things don't always go to plan, but I'm learning to cope and not stress myself out with it. It'll all be alright future anna.


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