10 Years Since I Started High School


Hello future anna. It's September and in England most schools start. It made me realise that 10 years ago I started high school.

I can remember crying myself to sleep each night the week before it started. Primary school was so safe and warm and this new big school seemed so scary to little 11 year old me. It's funny, because thinking back I can't really remember primary school. I can think about little bits in my head, which suggests it's not important but at the time it was the end of my whole world. I hate change. I like routine, and the fact this big change was coming and there was nothing I could do about it was the worst feeling.

I stood by our front door, my new uniform feeling big on me and armed with my Hannah Montana bag, as my mum took photos of me and my siblings.

My dad told me that I should introduce myself to the first person I sit next to, and then I'll have at least someone. The girl I sat next to was lovely, and after that initial "hello", we didn't actually speak again until about year 9! Haha!

I slowly found a group of people, and could call myself a friend with nearly everyone, but there were moments that scared me, times that I worried would really affect me.
But it was all ok.

I met friends I thought would be part of my life forever. I met a boy who I love. I grew, not in height but in mind, hahah! I cried. I woke to early alarms to do homework the day it was set. It's weird to think if I'd do it all differently if I was to do it all again.

Apart from just frickin doing the homework when it was set (gosh past anna!!!), I don't regret much. And I think that's good. I'm very lucky to feel this way. Many people hate their high school years, yet mine were magical. I had friends who loved me, people who supported me, and I discovered Katy Perry.

It's crazy to think it all ended 5 years ago. I felt so old collecting my GCSE results and then heading off to college. But before I knew it I was in the real world.

I often feel younger than I was then. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing though.

If I could, I think I would go back to high school to relive it for a week. But I'd only do it if I had my friends and it was all the same. It wasn't always the best, but I was mostly happy.

Now I'm in the "real world" and still don't really know what I wanna do with my life hahah! I'm sure it'll all sort itself out soon future anna.


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