I'll Call You From Brighton!


Hey future anna, Emma (my sister for those who may be listening in) and I went to Brighton this weekend. It's always been a place we've wanted to visit after hearing and seeing so much about it over the years.

It's weird, it's the coolest place but a lot of it is not how we imagined. I guess it was just a shock to see it online through a lens to here in reality. I thought it'd be nice to chat about my favourite things from our lil visit to remember them, but if anyone is visiting and wants a few things to try, well, here you go!!

Pop Up/Independent Shops!

Brighton is known for The Lanes and it's selection of shops, both big and small! Before coming, there were a few places I really wanted to come to, but other than that, I was happy to just wonder and see what we find. I guess if you're coming, do your research and see if there are any pop up shops or things happening whilst you're here so you can make the most of it! There are so many cool places that you could miss if you didn't know about them!

the CUTEST cafe
I wanted to see Choccywoccydoodah which has unfortunately closed, but I saw the outside haha! Also, a cool clothes shop called Lucy & Yak which was great to see the clothes up close and try them on, and also treat myself! After discovering them through Instagram, it was something I was really excited about!

I love Pusheen and anything cute like that, so it was such a surprise to walk round the corner and find a Pusheen Cafe which had been set up! If I had known about it, we possibly would've eaten there, but just to see it and the stuff inside was cool!

There was a photo booth shop my sister wanted to find. It's literally a small shop with a colour booth, a black and white booth, and props! It was expensive (£4), but it was something we wanted to do whilst we were on our lil holiday so thought why not!! It was lucky that we spotted it!

views of the pier from the i360
Like I said, there's a massive range of shops, so really take your time to walk around and pop in if it's something you like! And research!!!! If there's a shop that isn't staying for long or recently opened, make the most of it whilst you're here!


When we knew we were coming, my sister really wanted to go on this! A local Uber driver said he didn't make much of it because he knew the area so didn't need to see the view, but for us, it was fantastic to be able to see the whole area and further afield from above! We also went during sunset so it was gorgeous, I love high views! 

If you're visiting and have time, I really would suggest going up and seeing Brighton from 450 feet as it is a treat!

just having some breakfast
Upside down house

Something I hadn't heard of but my sister wanted to do was visit this photo opportunity place! It is what it says on the tin, a house that's upside down. You take photos, flip them, and you appear to be on the ceiling! Such an interesting concept and it was so much fun to mess around and take funny photos!! It did feel a lil odd, and I often nearly fell, but if you're able, it's a great thing to experience, and not that expensive!!


Finally, when we told our family we were coming to Brighton, the main thing we were told was that there was a stoney beach. We're used to sand, so weren't sure how we'd feel, but I think I now prefer stones to sand! Haha! We've spent hours just sat here by the pier enjoying the view and the sun (we've been so lucky!!!) with picnics and lots of others! 
view of the pier from the beach

I've always loved the beach, so to be able to experience a new one and walk along it for quite a while (to the marina which was longgg but fun!) has been really lovely, and reminded me of childhood holidays.

So those are my top 4 things to do if you're in Brighton, whether for the day, a week, or all your life! At the Marina there were restaurants and a cinema we went to, and the pier also holds lots of classic seaside treasures, but the things above have been my favourite! If you have time, I recommend walking through the park near the Dome (we didn't go to the pavillion or museum as you have to pay but gorgeous from the outside!!!) and making the most of the green spaces, especially if the weather is on your side! There's also a theatre and live music in most of the pubs it seems! There's a lot to do, so hopefully we can come back again soon!

If you do, what do you do next future anna


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