lil FILM REVIEW: Hustlers


Hey future anna! I'm currently in Brighton with my sister and having a lot of fun! Tonight we decided to go and see Hustlers at the cinema as it was something we both wanted to see. I'm not gonna do my normal full review and things because I'm away, but I thought it'd be fun to talk about me immediate thoughts straight after seeing the film!

The whole world hustles. Whether to get the money, the job or to stay alive, hustling is either a pain or pleasure for people. In Hustlers, we see Robin Hood style characters hustling to give themselves and their families a better future. To put it in the Robin Hood sense, they decide to steal from the rich.

Based on a true story, it was a really interesting to see how the world of these girls was bought to life! Mixing between the past and the strip club to the police and interviews, I liked the jumping back and forth to help us see the story unravel at the same pace as it did to the lady writing the article.

On the podcast, when we spoke about Euphoria, we looked at the character of Kat and how it seems to be so easy to make money like this, so it was one of those good/bad things that I wanted to work but also didn't want to happen. How amazing would it be to do it and make so much money but at the same time, you're putting yourself in a lot of danger.

The film did feel long and spaced out at times, but I loved the use of music to help tell the story and really help set the scene. I love a good soundtrack.

The characters were all so cool and different which I really liked. Often films like this have us seeing the same character copied and pasted over and over again, but with this it was really nice to see the variety of people. I'd love to see the behind the scenes and just how Jennifer Lopez put so much work in to be able to do those moves. I just wish we could've seen more of Lizzo, Nicki and Cardi!

So yeah, maybe it'll be bought up on the podcast and we can chat for longer, or this is all I say on the film, but it was good! My sister and I enjoyed it and it's one that we might put on again if it was on Netflix! Ooh and I'm so jealous of the money and the fashion hahha!!!


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