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Hello future anna, if there even is a future. I feel so passionate about trying to save the world but it feels like nearly everyone is fighting against me. It's a shame, I'm trying my best even though it feels like everyone else is not. I know, I know, not everyone can help in every single way, but the fact that people don't feel guilty about getting a coffee in a takeout cup or buying another plastic toothbrush, it drives me insane. I feel so guilty, but I guess that's just the type of person I am. I want change, and if I do something against that, of course I'm gonna feel bad.

I've started making changes in my life because I really feel that we don't have long left. The world is being filled with our rubbish, and I don't want to contribute to that any longer. Here are some tips and some things I do. I understand not everybody can do everything, but if you can try, please do.


We gotta eat. I love to eat. If you go to work each day and always get pasta or a salad or something and always get some plastic cutlery, literally why??? Take your own cutlery, whether that's some from home or a lil set you buy, but that helps so much. You know how much plastic is being wasted? So much! Get some cutlery!

Same if you love getting a hot drink whilst you're out, get yourself a reusable cup! There's literally no excuse anymore. Nearly every coffee place sells them and offers a discount if you use them! If you forget it, why not sit in the shop and have your drink in a proper mug for 15 mins, or just don't have one at all. If you really feel you need coffee to get your day started, you need to go and see a doctor because that's not healthy.

The same goes for water bottles! I always carry one with me and I would never go back to not having one! Ever need a drink? It's there ready in my bag! However if you forget yours and need to buy a plastic bottle, make sure to either reuse it or recycle it! Don't just bin it, that's creating a problem!!!

Need to buy bits to make dinner? Try the best you can to take your own containers and reusable bags to fill with fresh fruit and veg, or pick things from the deli and meat counters! Most supermarkets will do this for you. If you can find a local butcher or produce shop, support them!!

And finally for this section, although I could go on forever, is how to organise your rubbish! If you can recycle what you have and there are no recycling bins around, carry it with you until you can do the right thing with it. So much waste can be recycled, yet it ends up going to landfill and clogging up our planet. Don't be lazy, really think. I keep things in my bag and then when I'm home I can clean and recycle them. It's not hard. You can do it!!


I've started transitioning my beauty products and toiletries as I finish them to ones that come in better packaging, or no packaging at all. It's tough because some items I've had to stop using or find alternatives, but others I've discovered come in recyclable packets anyway! Amazing! 

To start, educate yourself on the products you use and what they are packaged in, so you know of how to dispose of them and whether you might want to look for alternatives!

When you finish a product, don't just bin it! If it can be recycled, clean it out and recycle it! Don't send it to landfill!

If you're wanting to completely switch over, I've started using a packaging less deodorant from Lush which is great! If you get any other products from Lush, you can take the pots and things back to the store to recycle and possibly get a free thing in return! Don't bin the packets, think about the planet and do the right thing with them!

Lots of companies do the same thing where you can take packaging from their products and possibly others back to the shop to recycle them, and maybe get benefits from it! Some I know about are The Body Shop and L'Occitane, but other shops may sell products which you can easily recycle at home!

I know it's hard if you like certain products and don't want to change them or different options are expensive, but try and do what you can! Whether it's getting a bamboo toothbrush/makeup brushes, or cutting down on your single use plastic packaging, do what you can!


I bloody love going through my clothes and organising my room, yet I'm always stuck with a pile of clothes and shoes that I don't wear anymore but aren't good enough to sell or donate to charity (dirty, holes, ripped, etc). So what do I do with them? I used to just put things in the bin if I thought I couldn't use the fabric for a future product but I recently discovered that I can recycle all these items, plus a lot more! 

Clothes, bed sheets, bags, shoes and even more items can be recycled at local centres or in special bins! Normally they're located in supermarket car parks, and normally not a long way away from anywhere! How fantastic!!!

So yeah, don't clog up landfill or your wardrobe with stuff no one can use or wear, recycle it! Here's a website to learn more and find your local recycling places: https://www.recyclenow.com

For me, I try and stick to the 3 R's! Reduce, reuse and recycle. Before I do anything/buy something, I ask myself what I can do with the packaging/product when I've finished with it. Can it be recycled? Amazing, get it! Can I reuse it? Do I actually need it? If not, I've reduced and also saved money! Again, I know it's not super easy but it's also not rocketscience. Please help me make the world a cleaner and better place. We can all do our bit.

I hope the world still exists and is a pleasant place for you future anna.


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