2019 Look Back


so, another year has passed extremely quickly and here I come to do my typical end of the year blog posts when I see that I didn't start blogging this year until April. lol ok anna, sure. Although that does mean that I didn't write down my goals for the year for me to tell you that I didn't complete them a year later. Instead, I'm going to do what I did last year and answer some questions to basically go over my year and what I did achieve! I will write a blog post early next year/over the next few days of my goals for 2020 and will link it here when it's up!

Was it the best year of your life?

it was a good one.

did you move?

yep. I've recently moved home. I've spoken about it on the podcast and on my instagram that I've moved away from London and back home to do things here! so this is my life for the foreseeable future and I feel pretty happy about it!

did you make a lot of new friends?

hmmm, I'd say I've possibly made more professional connections, but other than that, my friendships have just grown lovelier and stronger.

what's the hardest thing you went through?

hmm, I think maybe trying to teach myself that I am only 21 and I don't need to have my whole life figured out. that it's ok to cry and worry about the future, but it shouldn't bring me down. I wouldn't say it's been a tough year, but it has made me think about my life, and what I'm doing with it.

did you achieve a goal?

I achieved things I didn't know I would, or even could! I did my first interview, and it wasn't just anybody, it was Lashana Lynch!! I finished my first novella and I'm working on the sequel. I started to host a podcast what he heck?? I feel I've done lots! Even if it wasn't something I dreamed of doing at the start of the year, I'm really happy with what I've achieved this year.

did it go by fast to you?

gee whiz yes!!!

did your clothing style change?

it hasn't dramatically changed, but I guess I've tried to grow up a little bit. I've got a thing for blazers and cool jackets and coats to dress up outfits, and I've now got a necklace that I wear everyday! so more accessories really and how I finish an outfit!

what was the dumbest trend in your opinion?

people ignoring climate change

what's something you wish you could redo that you did this year?

I was lucky enough to see so many good films and theatre shows this year. I'd love to be able to wipe my memory and watch them for the first time again to get all those good feelings again! you know what I mean!

how many relationships did you get in?

still in the same as last year. whoop!!!

what's something you did that you never had before?

I said it before, I interviewed someone in a professional setting. I'd done bits at school but to have the whole thing rely on me, it really introduced me to the more journalistic side of the industry and what I possibly want to do more of! In a dream world, I do it all: create, write, interview, etc, so to be able to experience a big part of it, especially with a big hollowed star is something I'm so grateful for and will never forget!

was school good or bad? why?

again, no school for me. but job wise, I left my job as an au pair in London to move home and do creative things here without worrying about bills and things til my life seems more settled! job was good and I feel positive about what's next although I have no clue and everyone keeps asking me hahaha STOP.

best memory you made?

there isn't one thing that really stands out, but this year I've definitely made more time for friends and family and spent it well. you never know what might happen so we have to make the most of every second with each other, and this year I have done that and I'm so glad! it's been so nice to make memories with so many people and I'm excited to continue that!

it's been a good year. I feel happier and calmer and just overall a lot better than previous years. I hope the next year/decade continues being good to me as I continue to work hard! who knows what the future will bring future Anna!


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