My Thought's on Harry Style's Album Fine Line


Taylor swift is 30, the UK election results are in and HARRY STYLES' NEW ALBUM IS OUT!!! yasssss! ok, in typical anna fashion, I'm gonna listen to the songs and talk about them as I do so you can have my actual reactions!

I haven't listened to any of these songs apart from the previously released singles, but I do chat about them too! I recommend listening to the album as you read my thoughts to understand where I'm coming from, but if you don't have time, scroll to the end to see what are my faves for a shorter listen!

So, this is Harry Styles' album Fine Line. Enjoy!


oh this is pretty. it's light and then wow ok BOOM! ugh I have missed harry and his music. he's just so good. I'm in love with the lyrics!!! I just love the vibe of this one so much. it's definitely more pop-y but I love how harry has this calm style and also rock n roll style. I feel this fits perfectly in the middle. "Loving you is the antidote" I really love this song! I don't know if being golden is a good or bad thing but it's cool to see each side being toyed with. what an entrance to an album!!!

Watermelon Sugar

ok I think this was the second single released for the album and I am so in love with this song!! I could dance in the kitchen for hours to this tune. it's light and electric and just so so cool. it's a summer bop, and feels so safe and warm yet so new and different. this is the harry styles sound that I love! hopefully there's more like this on the album!

Adore You

(for my thought when I first heard the song, read this: https://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2019/12/new-music-friday-woop-woop.html )

this was the most recent single, accompanied by an odd music video. I'm still not super sure on the song. I ADORE the lyrics lollll but um the vibe and flow just isn't right for me. I love it but I'm not in love with it. I'm sure it'll grow on me. I really like the chorus, it's just the verses I feel. but still a good tune! one for my chill playlist I feel!

Lights Up

this was the first single released! after this it'll be all songs I haven't heard before! this was so different and interesting when I first heard it. and to be honest, it just wasn't what I expected! I love the chorus, the electric guitar, the harry-ness of it!!!! really like this one! I'd say it's my second fave single after WS!!!! "shine! step into the light!!!"


this is a pretty lil tune. I expected this to be a BAM hit like kiwi but omg it's like 2 ghosts with a bit more. omg this is so pretty and sad and omg harry!!!!!!! this is so freaking gorgeous! this is so going on my chill playlist!! "I just miss your accent and your friends, but you know I still talk to them" omg this is so sad oh hello a bit more drum. yeah, this is so beautiful I LOVE!!! oh hello like a lil acoustic guitar moment. I think it's in French and it's just people chatting. how beautiful and magical.


piano!!!! hello!!!! this is so pretty and emotional, such a beautiful ballad for the album. "you said you care" CRY!!! someone really has captured his heart yet broken it too, but this sums up the whole story perfectly. "I get the feeling that you'll never need me again." omg this is so so raw and deep and so full of emotion. these lyrics really cut deep. this song is all about harry's voice and the words he's singing. so much power. silence.

To Be So Lonely

oh this is exotic. another one for the chill playlist I think! oh why are all these songs so sad??? love and loss have turned to loneliness which is so sad. "I miss the shape of your lips" harry has lost someone so important to him, and now he's going home alone. I love all the layers to each song: all the instruments, the voices and harmonies, they really make the songs next level!


yes give us some drums. this is giving me slight Woman vibes which is a song from his previous album. it's quite funny, the lyrics remind me of something a band called Madness would sing about, but obviously their music style is so so different and there would be trumpets and a happier, upbeat melody, whereas this is chill and slow and I actually really like it. "she lives in daydreams with me" I really love the story being told in this song. bloody hell we're only 2 minutes and 40 seconds in and this song goes on for another 3 minutes! a long one! ok yes it's just like full instrumental giving the players their time to shine! this song needs a daydreamy side and it's cool that it's done through the music! this is not what I expected, I really thought, like Cherry, this would be one similar to Carolina but cool that it's different!

Sunflower, Vol. 6

ok yes I love this beat!!!! I wonder why it's vol. 6, maybe there have been previous versions of the song, and this was the perfect 1 after working on them all! ooh it's definitely an odd one and I feel that not everyone will like it, but it's something cool to groove to and not what I expected at all! I wanna know what instruments are used in this because they sound exotic and so exciting and different from the rest of the ones used on the album! "kiss in the kitchen like it's a dance floor" love these lyrics!!!! all of them in every song have been so cool!

Canyon Moon

oh ok it's like a country song or something hahaha omg I love! this one is so nice, it's such a vibe! I feel transported to the places harry is singing about, like I'm there to experience them all with him! this is just so nice. it feels so different to the previous songs, but nice to see harry is still experimenting with different sounds!!!! love the whistling, if only I could join in but I cannot whistle to save my life hahah!

Treat People With Kindness

Queen is this you???? oh ok hello there I don't know how I feel about this hahah! this is weird but cool and I like it. it's different and not what I expected at all. what an anthem, to be kind to everyone no matter who they are and make everyone feel good! the bridge makes it sound like something from a musical which I'm not opposed to! I kinda wanna have a dance party to this! it's a mood, and a lesson for life!

Fine Line

the main title of the album is after this song, let's give the final tune a listen! gosh this one is a 6 minute one too! it's beautiful. the guitar, the voice, it really is divine. it's so calm and just absolutely gorgeous. I am so in awe of this tune, its magic. such a nice song to end the album on, as well as name it. oh hello drums and brass instruments! oh wow, this is such a glorious ending, to really fill this song with sound is so cool! "we'll be alright" it will all be ok. how fantastic.

so that's the album, it's a jolly good one! I adore harry's first and it will always be one of my faves. I love how it's split, half the songs being really cool and electric, whilst the other half are very deep yet calming. even though this album does have rock and pop aspects, it does feature more calm and emotional songs, and I'm really glad that harry is doing that. to share these emotions in such a raw way is difficult, so all my respect!

I understand not everyone has time to listen to the full album, so here are my faves if you just want a few to stick in ya ears: Golden, Watermelon Sugar, Cherry, She and Fine Line. All the songs are gorgeous, but I think those are my faves!! although I'm sure I'll become over obsessed with them all after I've listened a few times!

So there we go, I now have more harry music to listen to! really really hoping I can Gert a ticket to his tour next year as it would be a DREAM but it's not looking good! hey ho, hopefully I can hear him sing live one day!

What are your thoughts on the album and which are your faves?

I hope you can see harry live one day future anna! omg, has it happened???


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