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hello hello, it's that odd time between Christmas and new year where no one has no clue what day it is and I'm literally just sat on my bed in my pyjamas eating a box of chocolates whilst writing this. don't judge me, you're doing exactly the same!!!

I was gonna say that Christmas is a time to watch films and TV shows but that is literally my life all year round, I guess I just have a better excuse for a few days! We've been fed well this past Christmas week: the Gavin and Stacey special which was so good and omg if we don't get more episodes I think the whole of the UK may riot, we've had the final Star Wars film in the saga which I went to see with my brother and dad and it's been a nice tradition to do so over the past few years! It was a good one, especially for the fans, but my dad and I have come to the conclusion that basically every Star Wars film is exactly the same, so it did disappoint us a little, but it was still great to get some snacks and watch it all together on the big screen! And as well as our typical selection of films shown on the tv (loved rewatching finding dory on BBC 1 and my family loved watching Paddington 2 whilst I played monopoly, and sadly lost), Netflix has treated us to a few new films!

I am unsure of all the latest releases, but I thought it'd be cool to chat about the 2 new ones I've seen tonight and the other day! I literally have no clue with timings anymore, it's Christmas baby!!!

6 Underground

(this film is quite gory, so be aware if that's not for you! there's a whole list of what's in this film on the Netflix page so give it a read before you press play)

um ok I loved this. Tarantino meets Guy Ritchie meets EXPLOSIONS!! My brother said we should watch this, so we did. If you love violence (I know, I know, violence is bad, but come on, it makes some films quite fun.... omg does this make me sound insane? you know what I mean. right??), badass characters, big soundtracks and insane visual effects, this may be one too watch!

It's definitely not a film to be taken too seriously. It's meant to be enjoyed, and you're meant to feel satisfied! Basically, 6/7 people fake their deaths and become this cool gang who kill bad people. And well, lots of others in the process hahah!

I really loved it. The editing, the direction, just how alive and insane yet cool it was! The acting really was great and like I said before, the effects and music were top notch!

Of course it wasn't perfect, and I would've loved to have seen a training sequence or something because I just couldn't believe how all of the gang were so good at fighting, but I guess you can't have everything. And you never know, it may have been filmed but removed in post!

It's a film that's not to everyone's taste, but if you give it a chance, you may really like it! And who knows, there could be a sequel! I'll wanna watch it, but I'm sure my mum won't hahaha! (she felt it was unrealistic, which is understandable and if you listen to the podcast, you'll know I like realistic films too, but this was a good release of a film with just utter craziness, and sometimes you need that. especially if it's done well!)

The King

(again, gore etc, so check out what's happening in it before you watch if you're not sure about it!)

so, I've wanted to see this since I saw the adverts and things around LFF, and when my dad announced that he was gonna watch it tonight, I literally ran to the other room to watch it with him!

I personally didn't enjoy it as much as the previous film in an excitement sense, but in an acting and visual way, it was stunning.

Following the life and rule of Henry V, we see the retelling of Shakespeare's plays based on the Henry's rather than full historical accuracy. Although I am told that the bowl cut is historically accurate. phew.

It did feel a little long, but as period films go, it's definitely up there! The editing, the cinematography, the script, it really was great. I felt like we needed all that happened to learn about the story and the reasons why things happened and people did what they did. Just the overall style was dark and serious and something that the film really needed to ground it and make it feel powerful, like the King truly was.

It's funny because after watching, my dad and his friend just couldn't quite get it, yet I could see the metaphors and what the film often meant, but I guess I watch more and study it, so that's just normal for me to see.

So, if you're into period dramas, history, or just love a true gritty film, this is one that you may like! I think I liked it better than everyone in the room, but for me it did have it's downsides (length). But I'm really glad that I've seen it, can go and learn more about Henry and the battle, and to have heard the soundtrack and seen that acting, I'm happy!!

So, 2 very different films, but amazing that Netflix is funding these multi million dollar projects to keep their platform and the industry fresh! I really do get excited when Netflix show what they're coming out with, and I'm the first to say when something isn't up to scratch (cough cough Holiday Rush cough cough) compared to their other releases, but they do make some good films (these and another one of my faves is The Week Of) and series that hopefully we can keep supporting.

It is different and new and scary for the industry, but if that's the way it's going, that's the way it's going! Yo Netflix, wanna buy a script?? :) :) :)

Enjoy whatever is out next future Anna, and people who aren't future me, send me your Netflix recommendations! and let me know what you think of these recent releases!

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