It's 8:05am and we have been well fed this morning! New music everyday Friday always makes me so excited, and this week it's even more special because it's some of my favourite artists who have uploaded things!

I'm gonna do my typical: listen to it and write my feelings as we go, but because it isn't whole albums, I'll then give my lil thoughts on the song too! Enjoy!

Christmas Tree Farm - Taylor Swift

Before: Ok, this was so unexpected and we were notified about the release yesterday so I'm excited to wake up and feel christmassy! We have a Christmas song from my queen Katy Perry (Go listen to Cosy Little Christmas, it's so so good!) so we now have one from Miss Americana herself!

During: oooh it's like slow and classic and then boom here is the Christmas! Christmas is such a magic time and it's so cute how in her heart is this christmassy place and the person she loves! There's a music video that goes with it made up of her families old Christmas footage and it's so cute! This song feels so nice and safe and festive! I really like it! Aw this bridge is so totally cute!!!

After: ok I'm excited for Christmas and I'm very very happy that I have Christmas tunes from my 2 queens to play on repeat this whole festive season. I hope you'll join me hahaha! (p.s. I did my Spotify wrapped yesterday and TS is my artist of the year so congrats to her for always being played by me I guess)

Adore You - Harry Styles

Before: Ok, all I think of here is the Miley Cyrus song (Adore You) and that is cute so I'm excited to hear this one! We were all confused earlier this week when the trailer for the music video released with Harry's lil place of Eroda, and um? ok hahaha! the video isn't out yet so we have no further light on that at present, but I'm sure it'll all make sense soon!

During: ok, not mad keen on the beat. strawberry links to Watermelon Sugar? I adore that song ahaha! ohh this is super cute, harry just wants to love and adore the person he's singing to and that's it and if that isn't goals than I cannot say what is I am sorry. It's growing on me, but it's weird. it's super chill and not really what I expected. Love this more rocky style at the end.

After: not what I expected but I grew to like it. For me, songs have to flow and sound right and often I hate everyone's favourites because to me, they just aren't right. I think it's funny. Anyway, I probably won't be playing this as much as Watermelon Sugar, but I'm sure it'll soon wiggle it's way into my heart!

Finally // Beautiful Stranger - Halsey

Before: I love Halsey and her music and her style and this whole new era has been MY FAVE! I didn't think anything could beat her last Romeo & Juliet esque one, but here we are, thriving! Nightmare, Clementine, Graveyard, mmmmm yes hun!!! Ok, let's listen to this one which I think is 2 lil songs together? I'm also watching the video!

During: COUNTRY???? ok, beautiful stranger is first and it is so frickin beautiful. oh my life I adore it so much, yeah everything that harry said he would do for his love, I'd do it for this song. it's beautiful and so if the video like wow. oh ok no I was wrong, it is 1 song, not 2 little ones. that's just what it's called.

After: is it possible to love every single song that an artist releases? because I think I love every ingle Halsey song, this one especially.

Gullible Fool -La Roux

Before: with some smashing tunes, La Roux was always played at the school discos and on my friend's playlists. I feel like I haven't heard anything I ages so I'm excited for this new release! ok, let's go!!!

During: ok, it's 7 minutes long which I completely and utterly respect but I'm in a lil bit of a rush, so I'm gonna listen to the 4 minute edit and later on, I'll appreciate the whole song!!! promise!! ok it's kinda exotic and chill yet pumped up.

After: I don't know how I feel haha! it feels like such an old classic song from the 80s or something. I jam with it, but at the same time, it's nothing like what I've heard from them. I'm glad they've gone with their own style and made something fresh and new, which we don't normally get nowadays.

Admit Defeat - Bastille

Before: so y'all know that I love Bastille and I recently saw them on their Club Nights tour where they played this song but to be honest I literally can't remember it hahah! I'm excited to hear it again and definitely listen to it properly haha! The boys have just released their deluxe Doom Days album and I've heard most of the songs on the second side, so it's cool to finally be able to have them on Spotify!

During: Trumpets and a soundscape, mmm yes. ok I like this and the beat! it's cool! very like the rest of the album. "of course you have my body but now you have my soul" omg how and why is dan such a good writer ??? I like the idea that the song follows someone who is just giving into the night and their friends and will do absolutely anything they do or say. the bridge *insert heart eyes emoji*. I kinda remember it from the gig, but at the same time I didn't take any of the lyrics in so it's nice to properly hear it!

After: ok, I am so glad an extended album was released because this song was so good and needs it's time of day! It's definitely one of my faves from the day now and it's gonna be stuck in my head allll day which isn't a bad thing! hahah! (p.s. Bastille are my artist of the decade on my Spotify wrapped! go team!!!)

So that was my quick lil NMF lowdown! obviously there is so many amazing new songs out right now so go and listen to them, recommend them and support your fave and new artists! I enjoyed doing this because I often just do albums, so nice to have a few different songs and I can't wait to add them to my different playlists! Enjoy next Friday with more new music future anna!


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  1. There's no better Christmas treat than a new TS song dropping! You defo sold me on the Bastille song too. My NMF would be Maybe April's Truth (admittedly it came out in the summer, but I only just heard it - is that allowed?). It's winsome and has been stuck in my head all week. Also, Courtney Barnett's MTV Unplugged came out last night *high fives and mini celebration dance*


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