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Hello future anna! How are things? I'm currently looking into creative jobs and stuff after moving back home and I thought it'd be good to share some of the websites I use/look at to try and find what I'm looking for! This is just a short list, but it's full of useful websites! I might do another post if it's helpful!

Mandy and Backstage Mandy.com/ backstage.com

Some good websites to sign up to are these 2. They're very similar, but I'd say if you want more acting/modelling/performance work, I'd use Backstage, and if you want more runner/director/etc work, I'd use Mandy, however all that I've mentioned is on both sites.

You can join the sites for free and get emails everyday about new things happening that you can apply for and get involved in. The only thing is, they are subscription based, so unless you're on a free trial, or you pay, you may not be able to apply to every job that is listed/rake in the benefits.

For me, I stop my subscription until I find a job I really want, and then pay, as for free, everyday I get emails with jobs still posted to me and I don't apply to new things each month, so that's how I save money hahha! However, if you're wanting to kick start things and apply to all you can, it might be worth paying!

Flare Studio https://www.flare.studio/#

Flare Studio is a platform where big companies (such as Gilette, Galaxy Chocolate, Dolmio, etc) put out briefs for creatives to apply to work with them to create whatever they need. Whether it's an animated advert or photographs for a worldwide campaign, Flare is all about getting creatives, starting out or established, talking with clients and understanding the world.

If you're interested in marketing, advertisements, or just practising briefs and how to talk to clients, definitely have a look at this website!

I've never used Flare, but I am signed up to it and occasionally look at jobs on there, but the reason I don't use it is because I haven't found a project right for me yet. Because of that, I cannot really comment, but it's free to use and apply for things, so go for it!


A basic one. Set up an account and add to it as you work. Make connections and get jobs. It's like having one of your social media accounts, but it's like a dedicated professional space rather than just a random photo sharing thing! Might be something to look into especially if you've already completed a few jobs to start filling out your profile.

Facebook Groups

A good way to find small projects around you is to use social media! one of my favourites is facebook because you can easily find groups near you and join them. You can post your ideas or projects, and see what others are posting. You can make contacts, get the ball rolling, and help others too! I've never really found anything that I feel passionate about on them (lollllll), but it's good to be part of them and get the notifications! I find that when I see someone doing a project, it inspires me to want to get my projects moving along too! Whatever helps ay!

Create Your Own Stuff

And to finish.... create your own projects! If you can't find something, or feel you're being rejected, write your own script, create a fake marketing campaign to apply for experience. Don't just sit and wait, go out and do something whilst you're waiting. Make the most of your time and stay being creative. Even if it's just practising with your camera to learn how each setting works, or creating an audio story with your friends, get out there and make your stuff work if you can't seem to get anything else too! It's ok for it to not all be fine and dandy all the time, especially at the start, but believe in yourself and other people will start to believe in you too! p.s. I believe in you!!!

So those are some of the things I use and do when looking at creative jobs! If you have any you can share, please do! Good luck finding jobs future anna!


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