My Thought's On Halsey's Album 'Manic'


I love Halsey. just everything about her is so cool and true and I completely adore how real and herself she is! her new album 'Manic' is out, but life has been a little manic, so I haven't had chance to listen to it in full yet, so I thought better late than never and I'll do it today!

so, like all my album reviews, I jot down my thoughts to each song as I hear it and then I'll give my thoughts on the album overall. I have heard some of the songs previously if they were released as a single, but I'll let you know what's what for each song! ok, let's go!


aliens? hello? ooh the lyrics in this are so interesting, it's like she's battling who she is and who she is to everyone else. it's not one that I think I'll listen to unless I have the full album on repeat, but it's really sad to get into Ashley's head and really understand how she feels and how unsure she is on life, who she is, and what she wants. I guess that's the thing with being famous, you kinda give yourself to the world without realising, so what would happen if you take control of that and hide yourself away?


this is one of the songs from the album that was released early and omg I completely adore this track. it's so gorgeous and raw and that lyric: "I don't need anyone, I don't need anyone, I just need everyone and then some" is so on another level. This is the first album where we're seeing Halsey as Ashley, rather than a character she has created and I think that is so beautiful. I just have so much love and respect for every single section and second in this track. we really see Ashley and Halsey in this, almost fighting when she does sing that special line, really trying to escape.


ok, yes yes yes, again, this song was one of the singles released, and it has been constantly on repeat since it was posted! I love the pop-y-ness and just how alive and excited it is, yet it feels like someone is running and jumping and their heart is beating to be with someone who possibly doesn't;t want them back. the clicks and lyrics just feel so powerful, and it is constantly stuck in my head! am I angry? nahhh! how could I be? it's so gorgeous!!!

You should be sad

I've heard this before on the radio, it was the last single to be released before the full album came out and this break up song IS THE BREAK UP SONG! like Halsey says, country has perfected this type of song so I'm so glad she's gone down that road with this, yet added her own edgy twist. "I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you, cause you can't love something unless there's something in it for you." WOW, that is some songwriting. I just love how petty and unapologetic she is, and too right, she absolutely should be! what a song!

Forever ... (is a long time)

this really is a beautiful song. as well as the lyrics, it's the melody and instruments that add feeling and emotion. through the lyrics we learn how she feels sour, yet with someone to love her, she has grown and feels strong compared to others. I love how it's broken up with the instrumental in the middle, it really adds to it's beauty. yet after this when we return to the singing, Halsey just can't comprehend how someone can love her. it's really sad, yet she adds this amazing twist which really makes the song her own.

Dominic's Interlude

ok I don't know who Dominic Fike is but ooh what a mood, I love the vibe of this interlude so much! ok there are lyrics on this that were in the previous song, I guess this one just helps to tell the story and ok...


... the song goes straight into this one, so yeah, we really are seeing Halsey's storytelling come into play here fully. from the title being all capitals, I thought the song would be quite angry but it actually has such a cool vibe. it feels a bit like a kids song with the beat and lightness of it, yet with all the words Halsey is cramming in just really proves how amazing she is. I love how full of truth all these songs are and I think this HAS to be one of my favourites! "if I can't make you love me then I'll just hate everybody"


heavy dirty soul vibes? oh mm hmmm ok yes this is cool. this really gives me rock n roll vibes, yet with a Halsey twist. it feels like an old song, if you listen you might know what I mean. "I'm the worst of my enemies and I don't really know what to do with me." through the lyrics, we're seeing how Halsey is calling everyone she knows just to feel loved and cared for, and I guess after the previous song it's really what she wants and needs. In a few of her previous songs on other albums, she uses lyrics that look at calling people and not getting through and stuff, so a shame that it's still happening. It reminds me of 'Come On Then' by Lily Allen and the chorus in that, and this blog. Gosh, people are always on their phones but never use them when others need it haha. The song ends with a voice note from John Mayer which leads into the next song and he predicted it'd be massive, which it is, so cool to link the phone call and his review of 'Without Me'!

Without Me

This was the first song released after Halsey's previous album (I think) and I still think it's such a powerful petty yet pretty and emotional breakup song. it was written after G-Eazy cheated on her, even though they wrote the song 'You & I' together which I love as a modern love song, but it's quite ironic listening to it and hearing his lyrics and then listening to this song. it really does give Halsey the power, because when you've been cheated on, you can feel not good enough, but instead Halsey has risen up and been like: I know what you've done, you've messed up, and you're gonna regret it, you're gonna be lost without me, but you're not getting me back. love that.

Finally // beautiful stranger

this was one of the singles released and I completely adore this style of song from Halsey. it tells the story of Halsey going through her breakup yet meeting someone. Maybe not looking at a future, but in this moment, what have they got to lose? As she sings the chorus, we see a love has been formed and Halsey feels fixed so she feels she can love again. woah, this song truly is just a wonder and the music video really matches that. we basically see Ashley and Halsey on a stage playing this song with a guitar. Ashley is alone and simple, whereas Halsey is all dressed up with a bright audience, and I love how she loves the Halsey side of her, but Ashley is also important and this album is Ashley rather than her stage persona. I just think it's the most beautiful song ever ever everrrr!!

when this song came out last year, I did a lil review for the first time hearing it, so you can read that here if you want: https://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2019/12/new-music-friday-woop-woop.html

Alanis' Interlude

I LOVE ALANIS MORISSETTE oh yes the edge and coolness. oh wow ok this sexual empowerment is SICK. we get to learn a lil more about Halsey coming out and how important this love and feeling is to her and so cool that Alanis is on this as her songs are just so powerful and without her, we may not have song artists like Halsey continuing to tell the message!

killing boys

ok so this is kinda like a breakup song, kinda taking back her power after what's happened and I love that! love the intro from Jennifer's Body and the Uma Thurman reference. She really ins't scared to take back her power and make a scene if that's what it takes. it feels like quite a short song but it's a super strong one.

SUGA's Interlude

wow, I don't listen to BTS but how cool to have a song on this album that looks past the language barrier and sees 2 artists just sharing their emotions together. this song really looks at dreams and what people want and how to get there and how it can be hard and it really is a good one to see the 2 sides of Ashley and Halsey. so cool!


oh my, ok this is really sad. I've just looked and Halsey has suffered from miscarriages and wants a family and is worried that it may not happen. I guess to have your whole life laid out for everyone to see, it must be so hard to go through things like this, so beautiful to hear Ashley's story. "and when you decide it's your time to arrive I've loved you for all of my life."

Still Learning

despite having everything, Halsey feels that she doesn't have it all. it's so important for people to realise that celebrities are just people too, so beautiful to see her be really raw and share how she feels about her love and herself. "no one around me knows" it's crazy to imagine she's always surrounded by big teams of people or arenas full of fans, yet people only know Halsey, not Ashley, but quite nice to know that even she sometimes feels like that. She's learning to love Ashley.


wow, it's like we've just ripped a page out of Ashley's diary and read it. I love how vulnerable she's been on this whole album, especially this song. wow, I just stopped writing and just listened to the song with the lyrics infront of me, and what a song. we feel like we know Ashley after listening to this album, but at the same time, we don't. we're still learning, just as she is, but that's ok because things take time. love takes time, and it's beautiful to hear this song and the truth. gosh, I hope Ashley is truly ok. it must take a lot to put something like this out, but I know the world appreciates the truth.

ok, so that was Manic by Halsey, and well, Ashley. I genuinely feel that was one of the most beautiful and truthful things I have listened to in a long time, and I just feel so proud of her growth, and even though she still feels she has a long way to go, that she should be proud of the life she has had so far. genuinely, listen to this album ,but if you've not got time, here are my favourites: clementine, Graveyard, You should be sad, I HATE EVERYBODY, 3am, Finally // beautiful stranger, and 929.

all the respect and love for Ashley and I'm excited to see what she does need, especially after being very revealing with this project. I'd love to see more country style and acoustic stuff from her, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!


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