Ring Ring, it's 2020!


ARE YOU JOKING ME??? it's 2020!! what the heck???

no, I just can't believe it. genuinely.

ok, 2020 is gonna be good, so good that I don't know what's gonna happen yet but I know it's gonna be swell. I really wanna work hard and push myself and just do great things. it's the start of a new decade so let's make this the decade that anna does stuff and it's good and great! ok woooo!

right, that was all a jumble of words, but to start me on the right foot, I'm going to jot down my goals for this year to hopefully push myself to do them so at the end of the year when I look back, it's not another year of "wow, I didn't do any of this" hahaha! let's do this!

get 1000 followers on instagram

I'm not bothered about followings and stuff UM ANNA HAVE YOU READ THIS GOAL??? um yes anna, I have.... I'd really love to build an audience/lil family over on my instagram page where we talk about creative things, share what we're passionate about/working on, and just be there to support each other! I wanna share my favourite films and have others appreciate them. I want people to share their projects, and I wanna support them. I just want a cool community, and I want it to grow! It'd be cool to reach more people, and 1000 people for this year is my aim. It's a big one but we're over 10% of the way there, so why not do it this year! I hope that makes sense, i'm not bothered about being "internet famous" or whatever, I just want to be able to continue what I'm doing but also interact with more people!

finish book 2

if you do follow me on instagram (good self promo anna xoxox), you'll know that 2019 was the year of writing and working on my book! I'm working on a trilogy and I thought I may be able to get book 2 finished in 2019, but I think it'll be more of a 2020 project! I can't wait to work more on it and get this story finished!

make a ball gown

so, this past year, I realised I love fashion and costume after years of telling myself that I'm not good at it hahah! it'd be cool to work on creative fashion projects and things, but right now, it's just a hobby/love rather than a possible career. I have already sent myself a few sewing goals, but the biggest is to design and create a ball gown. no, I don't have an event to wear a perfect princess dress to, but what if I wanna feel fancy whilst wearing breakfast or practice for all the balls I may go to in the future. who knows hahah! I'm hoping to video my sewing projects and post them on my youtube, so you'll hopefully see my successes and failures over there!

visit family and friends

this year I really want to visit my friends and family all over the place and spend time with them! you never know what may change or happen, so you gotta make the most of everything and everyone whilst you can. I've already got a few trips planned, so I'll just keep adding to the list as 2020 continues. omg we're in 2020 what the heck!

live the life I love

and finally, one of the biggest steps to end 2019 was moving home. the reason is LONDON IS SO EXPENSIVE and there are opportunities but there is so much competition, and I'm not making excuses, I'm being realistic. by being home, I can work on creative ventures and opportunities here without worrying about bills. I know, I'm very lucky, but this year is going to be the one where I work on my career and my future. whether that be followers on instagram like I said before, or getting experience or an apprenticeship, I hope to work on my creative side and look at turning it into my job! also, if creative things aren't going so well, I hope to find a job I love where I can continue doing creative things for my hobbies! I'm staying positive and just gonna do what I love so I'm happy! fingers crossed it all works out guys!!!

so those are my goals for this new year! it's crazy to think another has passed, but I'm so determined to make this one count! let's get that bread guys and gals!!! good luck future anna!!!


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