Are Film Awards Shows Still Needed?


Hello and welcome to the 92nd Oscars, where still only 5 women have been nominated for best director in that time, with only 1 of them winning. Cute!!!!!

Last year, or maybe the year before, I wrote a blog post saying how I felt that the awards shows were fair, and if the people nominated were the best people, then they were obviously the best people and that's that. But when the nominations were revealed this year, I felt that so many good films were missing. What the heck??? I'm not saying that the people nominated don't deserve to be there, I'm saying that how is it still only a certain type of person to be nominated/win when so many incredible stories were told this past year, and they deserve just as much recognition, if not more!

The most recent episode of the podcast follows James and I, and some great others, looking at this year's Oscars and who we think/would like to win!! Listen here: https://closeupculture.com/2020/02/05/listen-to-our-oscars-2020-picks-and-predictions/

I thought it would be interesting to talk about my thoughts on awards shows here, just before the Oscars begins this year!

So, where to begin?

It's a dream to go to the Oscars one day, any awards show really. To be dressed up and in a room with so many great people would be fantastic, however I hate the idea that people and films are kinda pitted against each other. It suggests that films the academy hasn't seen, or didn't get to the final round aren't good. It makes me sad to think works of art that people spend so much time and effort on are cast to the side, to celebrate just 1 or 2 good films for a night.

People put their heart and soul into telling stories and becoming characters, yet they aren't all celebrated. Sure, people say awards don't matter, but it must feel awful to be picked as one of 5 people to represent a category, but then not win overall.

I enjoy awards season! We get to see some amazing outfits and our favourite stars meeting, but I hate that people we've never met who get to choose who is better than the others in each category. Is it luck? What the voters prefer? I hate that the world bases their film tastes for the next few weeks on these results, even if they've not seen the films themselves. Have your own opinion. Especially after what was discovered happens with the BAFTA voting: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-51345085 (also who decided to name the category: best film not in the English language?? Haha I think it's funny)

I guess this is all a bit random and not properly laid out, but I hope I'm putting my point across that an award doesn't mean anything really. Sure it's lovely to get them, have memorable speeches, meme moments and a bit of glam, but if everyone got an award who deserved one, we'd be having an Oscars ceremony every night.

I want to say congratulations to the nominees, and those people who thought they might be up there. Your day will come, keep doing what you're doing! But as long as you're telling good stories and inspiring people, you are winning. You don't need a gold man to prove that.

To the winners, congratulations as well, you're obviously amazing, but make what you do count!

Yeah, those were some thoughts. I am not staying up to watch the show, I'll look on twitter the morning after and see what happened. Enjoy sleeping future anna!


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