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happy leap year day! wow, we're not gonna have another one of these for a while so let's celebrate (I'm doing that by chilling in my pyjamas and trying to work out how to fix my broken phone lol)!

these past few days have been really nice! today I went around Birmingham with a friend and I bought some good CDs, yesterday we saw the 1975 in Manchester and the day before I was in Manchester again which is the reason for this blog post!

I went to an event organised and hosted by Screen Skills who help people get experience and jobs in the film industry, in basically all sectors of work! This post isn't anything to do with them, but I wanted to basically pass on some information I learnt to pass on to you guys!

I love days like these where you can meet others, watch films, hear what people have to say, and leave feeling inspired (and omg the chairs got so uncomfy after nearly 5 hours say in them hahah). It was led at The Shed inside Manchester Metropolitan University which is such a cool big space!

I went to 3 talks. The first was with the BBC Writers Room and looked at what they have on offer as well as how to create and promote short form stories through predominantly social media platforms. Basically the videos that pop up on Facebook or instagram and can be clips from TV shows or individual stories on their own! Here are 2 examples:



To sum up the session with tips: digital short form is something made to be typically viewed on a mobile device, it needs to be snappy and something made specifically for social media that traditional media forms. 80% of people watch videos without sound (I'm one of them) so subtitles are a must! You've got 3 seconds to grab your audience or they'll scroll on, watch the Binbagged video above for a good example!

The session wasn't actually what I expected at all, but it was actually super interesting and possible a good place to start if you're wanting to get into comedy film making or just want to make your short ideas as much as a reality as your other ones!

But whilst we're here, I'll properly mention the BBC Writers Room! It's a great place I recommend you research and also either like on Facebook or follow on twitter for updates and great opportunities for writing which pop up allll the time!!

The second thing I went to was run by film hub north and the BFI network regional talent fund. And the third was by Creative England who were there with their most recent Short Flix applicants!

I learnt a lot of names from these 2 sessions, and they're the main reason I'm here sharing with you today. it can be so hard to get an idea up and running, but hopefully a quick google and an email with one of these will get you off into a good direction!

The BFI mentioned 2 funds:

Short Film Fund - You can ask for up to £15k for a project that runs up to 15minutes. You also get access to screening platforms and they help with development!

Early Feature Development - You can ask for up to £1.5k to help develop your feature film being written!

They also told us to set up a BFI Network Postroom Account so you do it too!!

And through some special guests mentioning things and Creative England, here are some more possible helping hands for you:

New Creatives - Something the BBC have set up, so keep up to date with things happening! - http://callingtheshots.co.uk/newcreatives/

Funny Women, Short Film Competition - Funny Women is a fab organisation, and if you are wanting to create more comedy films and feel you are the funny one, a great thing to keep up with! An amazing director/actor/queen called Sally Cancello was at the event and mentioned it, so if you see yourself making comical things, she's a good one to watch! - https://funnywomen.com/about/

South Yorkshire Film Network - If it's where you're based, might as well check it out! - https://syfn.org

Arts Council - A big name you've probably heard of. They support and fund arts of all kinds so give them a research and see how they can help you! - https://www.artscouncil.org.uk

Creative England, Short Flix - Another big name, but they host some fantastic things to help discover talent! They mainly spoke to us about the Short Flix section which sounds fab and I'm gonna apply, but on the page I've linked, there are so many great opportunities so keep checking the page! - https://www.creativeengland.co.uk/uncover-talent/

So there are some names and bits I learnt which may help you or inspire you! Like I said, going to things like this really shifts my focus and pushes me to do more! Even if there is nothing for you, it's good to keep up to date with these sort of places as you never know when the perfect opportunity for you may arise!

Some things may only be for certain parts of the country too, so bare that in mind, and other bits may only be for certain ages. I'm sorry, it annoys me too, and I may write about it one day, but for now, keep your head up and your eyes peeled for great opportunities! If you know of any, please write them in the comments for people to see!

Keep going good stuff and stay creative! You too future anna!


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