Why Does My Location Matter to Make Films???


hello, my name is anna and I live in the midlands with my parents. I did live in London for a year and a bit and before then, my family and I lived in the north.

I hate being asked where I'm from. where I'm from is not where I live but where I live is not where I'm from and people haven't heard of where I live so I often say where I'm from but even then they don't so I mention the nearest city and then the person I'm talking to nods their head and says ohhhh.

but what's that got to do with making films? right now, it has everything to do with it.

I go to film events and all sorts and hear about money available to people to do creative things however I'm often not eligible for it because of where I live.

I no longer live in London. I no longer live in the north. I live literally just over the "border" in what Creative England class as the midlands, however I don't feel attached to anywhere near here, and when anything is offered here, it's HOURS away, and often closer to London than my family home. it's annoying because I'm closer to the north, yet I can't have anything to do with what's on offer from it.

it truly fills me with sadness to go to events, feel inspired by talks, and then be turned away because my address changed to a 30 minute drive away from my previous one 4 years ago when my parents decided to move.

it makes me feel isolated because there's stuff available in London and stuff for the north, but I feel nothing specifically is available to me.

why should my address be such a big deal? i want to create, I want to tell and share stories, I want to do so much, however often because of me being located where I am, I can't.

I love what organisations are doing for people in different areas who might not have access to the film industry, particularly in London, but what about those people who don't have that kind of thing available to them.

it really does make me mad.

I wanna make a big thing filled with opportunities that anyone can go for, wherever they're located in the UK, and hopefully whatever age they are too! (my thoughts on age in the industry: https://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2020/03/why-does-there-seem-to-be-age-limit-to.html )

please let me know of events, grants, companies, people, etc who wanna help people flourish doing creative things, no matter if they live in the middle of nowhere or the middle of somewhere, and hopefully we can all feel a little less isolated and a lil more connected. what we wanna do is big and scary, and we shouldn't feel seperate just because of our addresses, where we grew up, or where we choose to settle.

send me a message, leave a comment, if you know of something, please don't keep it to yourself!

hopefully one day location won't matter, and everyone will feel supported wherever they are to tell the stories important to them!

although will future anna ever forgive her parents from moving from the north??? stay tuned to find out!


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