I Did This One Handed


well well well future anna, it's been a wild week! this time 7 days ago, I was allowed to go home after spending the night in hospital. not the best place to be right now with the current circumstances (I've been quarantining for 4 weeks now), but as my sister looked at what I'd done, my dad asked if it was a hospital job, and she said yes.

so, what did past anna do? I won't fully go into detail as it's a bit gory, but simply, I put my hand (by accident!!!!) through a panel of glass, causing a large, serious cut. my mum took me to hospital, it was x-rayed, I moved hospitals to a safe ward, and at 2:30am last Friday morning, I was operated on. going to sleep on the theatre bed was WELL WEIRD!! but Mario who operated on me was so funny, and one nurse was so nice I've even bought a book she recommended. I was well looked after, had a TV and shared a room with 3 lovely ladies who were fun! what made me laugh most was when I was allowed to go, I changed back into my blood-stained clothes and one of the women told me I looked beautiful (she was deadly serious, even with my hair a mess and one arm not working) so I gave her a twirl! what a sweetheart. I hope all those ladies are ok!

this past week I've been: sleepy, achey, itchy, and a lil helpless, but most importantly I've really had time to think about what's important. I'm so lucky to have 2 hands (even though only 1 works right now), I'm so lucky to have a family who are there to help me always, and I'm so lucky to live in a country where healthcare is free, and there will always be a bed for me if I need urgent care. how amazing that even during a large pandemic (don't worry, I do feel bad for taking nhs time), there are people there to help.

I'm ok, I'm slowly getting better at doing things on my own (I hurt my dominant hand, so I've had to relearn how to do things), and soon I can have my stitches out. I should have a cool scar so if anyone asks, I can give a cool story haha!

keep staying safe during this mental time, and don't hurt yourself! we will get through this, and I will be able to join in doing just dance again soon! fingers crossed (although I can't really do that with my right hand haha)!

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