A Birthday in Lockdown!


Well hello there. This gal is now living her Taylor Swift 22 inspired life. That's right, I've now been around the sun 22 times (is that how it works?) and even though that feels old, I still feel like a baby. I know it's not old old, but when I was 18, or even 19, people who were 22 seemed so old with their lives together. And now I'm that age, and well, nah, that ain't true hahah!

I'm never really one to do crazy things for my birthday, I like simple things, so being in lockdown wouldn't really change my normal day, but it had change a plan I had had for last week.

One of my best friends has her birthday a few weeks before mine, so to celebrate us both turning the same age, again we were gonna be inspired by the queen Taylor swift, and head to NEW YORK CITY BABYYY!

We'd had amazing plans, outfit ideas, photo inspirations, sickkkk places we wanted to visit, but obviously all of that was off the cards. It's sad, but we will get there. WE WILL!

So, what did I do to celebrate? Since Boris has said we can have people in our gardens (still distanced of course), I had a lovely lunch with my grandparents and boyfriend who I haven't seen since the lockdown was announced. It was so weird because we've allkeot in contact the whole time so I know what they've been up to and how they've been spending their time, but it was just so so lush to be together in person. I had worried so much that it was going to rain, but luckily we were fine!

In the afternoon, some friends came over and we all sat apart and drank prosecco and ate some delicious vegan cake and just chatted for a few hours!

It's funny because normally for my birthday, I probably wouldn't have done anything like this, so it's so lovely to think that even though lockdown has separated us all location-wise, it's really bought us together relationship/friendship-wise!

I hope that it doesn't last much longer, but it's nice to know that whatever happens, I'm surrounded by so many lovely people. I just wanna see my friends who don't live so close now! And visit the MET!!!

Happy (late) 22nd birthday anna! I hope you feel like an adult soon!


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