Mobile Mind #9: Creating a Short Film in Lockdown


hey future anna, today is Monday 15th June, and from today in England, all non essential shops can finally open after being closed since the end of March.

The roads seem busier, people are getting back to work, and sometimes it feels like this time didn't exist at all. I'm happy for people to be getting back to normal, but I have to be honest here and say that I'm a little sad it's ending. Obviously I'm SO SO SO excited to see friends and family and visit places and do stuff, but at the same time, being like this for such a long time has filled me with some worry. I feel safe at home and I know no harm can come to me or my family. I think shops and the economy and jobs are important, but it does give me some stress. Maybe as well because I haven't needed to go to a shop or buy anything for the last few months, that the idea of those things opening that aren't essential to me, seems crazy.

Anyway, to keep my brain busy and feel like this time hasn't been a complete waste, I decided to make a short film! The rest of this post looks at the making of my short film Cereal. You can watch it here if you wanna know what I'm talking about: https://vimeo.com/425483169

Most people around me are at uni and with all this happening, I feel their lives have been disrupted so much! I've signed petitions, I've listened to what they've said, and felt so angry for them. it inspired me to use it as the basis for a story. We all know I love a good twist, so of course the story couldn't be someone at uni, but I also had to follow UK lockdown guidelines, so it's all filmed at home! luckily we have a big garden and my parents aren't annoyed at me yet for using the house to make films haha!

I knew the story I wanted to tell, but instead of creating a script like normal, I just jotted down my scenes with a small explanation so I knew what I needed to film and in what order it went. It was weird just working on my own, but it was actually quite refreshing and nice to not have anyone say something or be confused by my vision or the need to make great detailed production notes, because it was just me myself and I! I did however write down what I would say if I was going to be speaking. Even if I didn't learn the lines exactly, it was nice to have a bit of a guide to know what to say, especially if I wanted to include a certain line.

here's a screenshot of my notes on my computer! yep, that's literally it haha!

It was fun to create a cool, artsy uni gal to star in the film. She wore her hair in cool ways, put on makeup, and didn't care. She's someone I'd like to dress more like, but really not kill someone like she has hahah! It's funny, because everything I wear is mine, I didn't buy anything specially for the film (I even had the fake blood in my drawer from another short film idea I had haha), so why don't I wear my clothes or my hair like she does? I think she's pretty cool! hahah!

Ready to go and film!

It was tough filming on my own. My camera has an automatic focus, but I have to do it by holding down the shutter button, so I guess it's not truly automatic hahah! I'd have to put something where I'd want to stand and be in focus and just hope for the best really. Sometimes my sister would help me by focusing it, but she wasn't always available. My parents were in it, playing the girl's parents, and I truly do love how they're always up for helping out! Even with my sister's tik toks, if you need an extra hand, they're the best! It's funny because I told them what would happen, what I'd say, and that I would cut as soon as my line had been spoken. They didn't need to react or anything. So I say my line, and my mum nearly shouted out of her chair in shock HAHAHAH! none of us expected it, and I think she was just getting into character! You can see her jump begin at the end of the film, and we all burst out laughing! They're the best sports!

I like to include my current pair of slippers in the film somewhere, I've done it with my past 2 so why stop? I always pick the craziest slippers, and I feel they connect to my life at the time, and show who I am. It's just a bit of an Easter egg really, but one that I love. Although this is the only short that my current slippers have been involved in, and they're not gonna be able to last much longer, so this may be the only film they feature in. I really need to pull my finger out and make films so my slippers can have the love they deserve hahah!

I'm really proud of the film. I think it's really cool, and something I'd love to watch! Thank you for reading this and watching my film! let's hope I don't leave it another few years before I do another!


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