2020 Look Back


hello future anna! it's that time again where I look over the past year and answer some questions about it! I've done this for the last few years, so it's nice to continue the trend. obviously 2020 hasn't been what we thought it would be at all. it's had it's crazy ups and downs and a lot of stuff has been changed, postponed or cancelled all together. it's not been fun, but it hasn't been bad. So, let's get into the answers...

 Was it the best year of your life?

I think that we've established that it hasn't been haha! holidays and concerts were cancelled which was sad, but I was still able to celebrate my birthday (socially distanced of course), I made a new short film all by myself, I spent some wonderful time with my family (due to the national lockdown, but we had a good time with it), and a lot more. Sure, it's not been the best, but it's not bee the worst!

did you move?

nope, although my whole room was recently done up and I now have an ensuite and walk in wardrobe! so I didn't technically move, but it does feel like I have a whole new room!

did you make a lot of new friends?

I guess I've met new people by getting new jobs, but I wouldn't say they were friends as such. I think through the lockdown, I've realised that I don't have loads of friends, but the ones I have are amazing and beautiful and they care for me just as much as I care for them which is a wonderful feeling!

what's the hardest thing you went through?

this is a difficult one haha! my first thought was the lockdown, but I'm an anxious introvert, so having to stay inside is actually my dream come true. so maybe it's having to go back into the world. even when we could after the summer, I didn't want people for judging me for saying no to plans now that we could actually meet. it wasn't even the virus that scared me, it was just that I'd spent all this time inside and I'd been safe, so why would I want anything else?

did you achieve a goal?

I made a short film which was so exciting! I haven't made one of my silly "do it by myself with just some friends" for a few years, and I know I would've hated myself if I hadn't have used the lockdown time to make one or do something, so I'm pretty happy with that!

did it go by fast to you?

now I'm looking back, yes it did, totally!! but a few months ago, it was all going so slow, like time had stopped altogether. 

did your clothing style change?

no, not really, but I do push myself now to actually wear things that I've bought and were just hung up to look cute. I know what I wanna wear and dress like, and currently don't have many things like that, but I'm making the most of what I've got!

what was the dumbest trend in your opinion?

there was a tiktok trend where people would complete jigsaws and then someone else would just throw it off the table and destroy it. as an avid jigsaw lover, those videos hurt my heart, just like the people in the videos who had built them. sad times.

what's something you wish you could redo that you did this year?

maybe I would redo the lockdown. that sounds mad to some people, I know, but I think I'd use my time better, knowing what I know now and do a whole lot more! sure, I'm so happy with what I did and achieved, but it would be nice to have the blue sky days and no responsibilities again.

how many relationships did you get in?

I'm still in the one I entered with!

what's something you did that you never had before?

I tried mushroom pate and fell in LOVE!!! it's great on bread and crackers and in vol-au-vent cases! yum! I also was able to get my great grandads film camera working and took some lovely photos, I really do love film photography. I also had stitches for the first time haha! I cut my arm a few weeks into the first lockdown and had to go to hospital to be fixed! I've always wanted to go to hospital for something (not in a weird way, but my sister was there as a kid and I've seen films and ya know, I just wanted my own experience), and my wish came true haha!

was work good or bad? why?

so this year I was lucky enough to get 2 part time jobs. it's just a few hours a week but they're local and I'm so lucky to have them when so many people have been through so much with work and money this year. I don't love them and I don't hate them, I just keep telling myself that it's just for now and it's not my forever. like I said in a previous answer, it's nice to have met some new people and have a laugh with them, so that's nice.

best memory you made?

oh goodness, let me have a think. to be honest, the start of the year feels so long ago and everything feels so mushed in the middle that it's hard to remember. maybe when lockdown eased up and me and my boyfriend went to York for the weekend. the sun was out, we ate some good food, I wore a top I'd made and even though things were still not 100% normal, it was nice to have a little bit.

so those are all the questions answered! it's different from any previous year, but at the same time it wasn't all a loss. some people may read this and think I'm so bizarre for finding some happiness this year, but that's just my truth on the matter. we're going into 2021 with the virus, but hopefully this time next year, I'll be able to say we've been able to manage it and we can go and live again, although I'll still probably say no to plans haha!!


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