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IT’S TIME TO LISTEN TO MISS TAYLOR SWIFT’S NINTH STUDIO ALBUM! A random announcement a few days ago told us that we could expect a new album so much sooner than anyone ever expected. To celebrate her 31st birthday, Taylor has given us her next child, the sister to her previous album folklore (which you can read my thoughts on here: https://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2020/07/my-thoughts-taylor-swifts-album-folklore.html). She wanted to carry on writing, so we will carry on listening. 


I always write my reviews like this, where I listen to each song and give my thoughts as we go through the album, so it may work best if you already know the music or if you want to listen along as you read! So, here we go, let’s listen to evermore!



Oh ok this is so different from folklore. I love how beautiful the lyrics are and the way the song flows like wind passing by a willow tree. We used to have a willow tree in a garden in a house that we used to live in and I loved it and it’s so sad I can’t sit under the willow trees and appreciate this haha! “I come back stronger than a ‘90s trend” I just adore how taylor writes, how each album shows us her getting stronger and stronger in her talents. This song really is beautiful in how someone is just wanting their love to take their hand and drag them along for the ride, and I think a willow tree is the perfect imagery for this. ALSO, let's just take a moment for the music video because I've been watching Dickinson on Apple TV and the vibes were like it and it was gorgeous going along with this story continuation! love love love!


champagne problems


NEW YEARS DAY VIBESSSS. Ok, so the other love of my life is Katy Perry and in her most recent album, she has a song called Champagne Problems so I was hyped to see that Taylor had one of the same title because you never know, we might get a collab one day! But this one is so sad and the complete opposite to Katy’s. So someone has been proposed to, but the girl has said no. It’s beautiful and touching, yet heartbreaking. In TV shows, we see things like this happening and we often gang up against one of the characters, but it’s interesting to learn about proposals and how they are kinda final, and that it’s ok to not want that. It’s obviously sad, but it shouldn’t always be a bad thing. It’s ok to have feelings. “She would’ve made such a lovely bride, what a shame she’s fucked in the head” I hate how this girl has to make everyone else happy and ignore her own feelings, so good for her! I really love this one. AND THE BRIDGE OMG


gold rush


Looking back and using history as a metaphor, this song kind of echoes songs from Lover where Taylor worries that her love will leave for someone else. I love how we no longer know if songs are about her life or made-up people, it really adds mystery but also allows us to connect to the songs more in my opinion as they’re not just hers. I really love how the verses somehow sound so different from the choruses. “My mind turns your life into folklore” throwback to folklore! I just love the idea of stories being passed down and these two albums totally embody that, this song confirming it.


‘tis the damn season

This one sounds really different to the others. This feels like a follow up to Illicit Affairs from the folklore album. I adore that song, and a lot of the lines in this seem to mirror ones in that. It’s like the woman in the affair seems to have fallen in love and wants more and is seeing what’s happening as a true relationship, so suddenly they’re not the ones cheating. It’s beautiful and straightforward, yet strange and hard to understand. I love how it talks about going home, but home could also be the person being sung to.


tolerate it


This song is lovely. It tells the story of someone wanting love from someone who isn’t really paying attention to anything they do for them. It’s so sad. The character singing is doing so much, and the line “you’re so much older and wiser” makes me think that it’s a young person with an older person, trying to impress them and keep the excitement going but it’s not working. I love how the lyrics pull this story together in such a beautiful way, and the fact that it ends in the same way it begins just shows us the circle this couple will keep going round until one of them decides to pull out. SO CLEVER! Normally, Taylor’s track 5 on each album is the big ballad about love, and I was not disappointed with this.


no body, no crime ft Haim


I frickin love Haim, so let’s go!! OMG ESTE has she killed someone nooooooo omg. Ok good, sweet bass face Este is fine, it’s the man. Cool. OMG NO IS ESTE DEAD? I just love how it’s written like some gossiping wives chatting. OMG VERSE 3!!! Damn this is it THIS IS IT!!! Go that friend going off and killing, but their ain’t no body, so she didn’t do it, she can’t have, she was with Este’s sister. I am shook. This is it; this is my favourite so far!

I'm just listening to it again and I have literal chills, "he did it" oh my goddddd yes!!!!!




This is so different compared to the previous tune haha, I love how it’s hopeful and special in a way of understanding that happiness will come after bad, but there can be happiness in the bad too. Taylor has only gone and done it again, write something so beautiful. The bridge is next level, playing on teenage games and accepting how we all have good and bad in us, and it’s ok if things don’t work as long as we remember that they once did. This song is delicate, and I adore it. It’s simple yet mind blowing in its execution. There is happiness.




This sounds like old Taylor!!! Dorothea is referred to as the girl who left her small town to chase down Hollywood dreams by Taylor. It makes me think of ‘Hey There Delilah’ by the Plain White T’s, how love will always continue even if someone goes away and becomes someone else. It also makes me think of Taylor’s song ‘Lucky One’ seeing how famous people are just people who have come from somewhere, and we always wonder if they’re still that person. I just really love this one and the perspective of the story, and of cause all the ooh-woohs hahah!


coney island ft The National


I’ve never been to Coney Island, let alone Brooklyn or New York, but it’s often used in songs, most notably for me by Lana Del Rey, calling herself a “Coney Island Queen”. It’s nice to see it in this light, as someone thinking about the happiness there, but obviously that juxtaposing against the truth of the situation. All of the arcade references are sweet, showing us how relationships feel the need to win big bears to prove their love, when just communication and acceptance is needed. OMG NO IS THE GUY DEAD??? I adore this one and I need to know what it all means!!!!! It feels like the person is so loved yet is being forgotten, and they both regret it yet there’s nothing to be done.




The beginning of an affair grows like ivy in this song, you’re welcome for that pun! I love the metaphors used to write it, and it makes me wonder if it’s the prequel to Illicit Affairs from folklore. This sounds so beautiful; with the country aspects I really have fallen in love with it. Onto the bridge and the affair seems to have been discovered. I love the use of “you started it”, suggesting it as a joke in how the love for you started all of this, but maybe the person has come clean about the affair and due to them, a true war has begun in their lives. 


cowboy like me


We’ve got even more country here, from the sound to the cowboy imagery. Two people are falling in love when they don’t think they should be. It makes me think of Getaway Car from Taylor’s album Reputation, two people on the run, bandits, yet here it’s more metaphorical in how they see each other and the world. It’s kind of like a ride or die situation, yet neither is that invested to fully be a ride or die with each other. “but that was all before I locked it down” it’s interesting to see these people slowly leaving their cowboy-esque lives to understand and love each other fully. “I’m never gonna love again” so do they end up together? Or have they loved too deep that they’ll never find anyone like it? Or are they together and together is all they’ll ever know? I hope they’re ok. 


long story short


Ooh I love the feel of this one. Apparently, this song is a quick overview of the public feud Taylor had with Kanye in 2016. I love how it feels like something on a previous album with its more pop-y elements yet fits in perfectly with this. It’s such a shame to know how badly this all-affected Taylor as there are so many songs and moments where she mentions it or uses it as inspiration. “now I just keep you warm” it’s like Taylor knows that she bought Kanye fame and money through what happened and she’s lined their pockets slightly through it, so yeah, she’s paid for their heating, they’re welcome haha! I love the last line, yes take that survival and own it!!!!




It’s track 13 and it’s dedicated to her grandmother which is lovely because track 13 on folklore is dedicated to her grandfather. I think this song is so lovely for people who have lost loved ones, in coming to terms with what’s taken place but at the same time how we don’t have to just forget and move on, those people do live on in ways. It’s kind of like her grandmother is speaking to her, telling her things to do and understand in life, and now she’s gone, Taylor won’t forget what she was told. The bridge really is special, in understanding how time is precious, but we often don’t understand. It makes me want to continue writing letters to my family and friends, really appreciating each moment, whether big or small. I think epiphany is such a special song, but I love this one a whole lot more because I can relate to it in a way that I can’t with the other.




Um hello, is this Taylor swift? It’s like folk has gone industrial, slightly rock in the deep depths. The narrator talks about an ex who can’t understand why she’s still mad at him. Like, you have no control over your emotions or other people’s so stay out of it dude! I think forgiveness is important and needed, but it should also be allowed to not accept or forgive if someone is truly hurt by what’s happened. Of course, it doesn’t help blah blah, but you can’t control or understand what someone else is going through, so leave them be. This song isn’t what I thought it would be, but I really like it.


evermore ft Bon Iver


Like her collab with Bon Iver on folklore, we are given a piano ballad, nicely the album’s namesake to round it all off. It’s so sad to hear her sing about sadness and pain, knowing that it can’t always be goodness. The relationship and life is unhappy, and they will always be reminded of that which is a heart-breaking shame. The layers of Justin Vernon’s verse are truly gorgeous, and when they come together, wow, they really work together wonderfully and I’m so glad we now have this and Exile as collaborations between them. From thinking the pain would last evermore, it’s lovely to hear the growth, knowing that it won’t last for evermore. I think this song perfectly captures the journey of this album, experiencing pain, loss, great highs and happiness. We often can only focus on the bad, but this lets us know that there will always be good.


Ok, How You Get The Girl from 1989 has just started playing, love that for me!!!


So that’s Taylor’s 9th album evermore. There are two bonus tracks but they aren’t out yet unless you have a physically copy and I don’t so I can’t talk about them, but the bonus track on folklore, the lakes, IS AMAZING, so I’m sure that I’ll love these ones too!


It really was a beautiful album, different from folklore, yet a mirrored image in the way stories have progressed or changed. I just love these Taylor eras so much and think that they truly show off her writing abilities in ways that her albums haven’t done before. It’s poetry that I can sing really loudly in my car, so I love it!


If you don’t have time to listen to the full album, my recommendations are: willow, champagne problems, no body no crime, dorothea and marjorie. I love them all as you can tell but if I had to cut it down, after my first listen those are the ones I love most! Omg long story short and closure though are *chefs kiss*!!!! Damn they all are!!!!


So, those are my thoughts after my first listen to evermore. I can’t believe we have been given two Taylor Swift albums in the space of just a few months, but I’m here for it! I love you Taylor!!!



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