Putting Down the Phone on 2020


so 2020 is nearly over and it's that time again where I look over the resolutions that I set myself at the start of the year and see what happened with them...

read this post when I set them: https://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2020/01/ring-ring-its-2020.html 

get 1000 followers on instagram

this time last year, I was 10% of the way there, and now I'm nearly 30% there. when I looked at the resolutions I'd made for this year before writing this, I was shocked that this was a dream. it still is, how cool would it be to be able to reach more people, but 1000 is a majorly big number! I'm super happy that I have grown, and who knows what might happen with my socials, but no, I didn't make this one come true.

finish book 2

soooo, I didn't finish the book, but I am still working on it. the reason it's not finished is because I've started writing a tv series with my bff! it's taken a lot of my writing time, which I love, but it does mean that the world of my novel hasn't been visited for a while. I do hope to finish it, but I'm focusing on my tv/film career, rather than my author career right now!

make a ball gown

ok, so this didn't happen. I don't want to sugar coat it, but I'll give my reasons why it didn't. so, I wanted a specific fabric and colour and there is an amazing fabric shop, however due to covid, it wasn't possible to go. over lockdown, I was able to make and alter a lot of clothes with the supplies and fabric I had, but my dream ball gown wasn't possible. I was able to buy some fabric and I'm making a pretty fairy style dress, but I recently had my room redone so everything was put on hold, so hopefully I can finish it in 2021, and start the ball gown haha!

visit family and friends

LOL um ok, that couldn't happen! hahahahahahah! but seriously though, when lockdown restrictions were lifted, we were able to go on a family holiday to see other family which really was lovely. I was also able to visit my bff in Scotland TWICE which I really appreciate. Sure, I haven't seen the people and done the things we wanted to, but with the small snippets of time I have been able to, I've really cherished it. However, we have picked up the phone more, continued writing letters and video chatted weekly. It's not what we want, but actually we're all dealing with it pretty well (even if I am slightly over zoom quizzes now).

live the life I love

wow, I've really let myself down this year. nothing I wanted to do has happened haha! but I have fallen in love with life and what I'm doing with it and what I might do next with it. I cut my arm badly after getting angry near the start of the first lockdown(https://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2020/04/i-did-this-one-handed.html) and I vowed to not get angry at silly things again. it sounds stupid, but thinking back since it happened, I may have had a little cry, but I've not shouted and I've tried to keep my calm in situations. I currently have 2 part time jobs which I'm so lucky to have, especially when a lot of the world right now don't have work or have money issues. I've decided with my bff that we'll move to London next year which is so totally exciting, and my current life is pretty lovely! so I guess I'm not fully living a life a totally love yet, but I'm starting to fall in love with it and the possibilities it has on offer.

So, I may not have been able to tick everything on my list, but I think I've ticked the best one on there. I don't feel sad by it, I feel quite motivated to take the year we've had and try again next year, knowing that it's all ok whatever happens. what will you set yourself to do in 2021 future anna?


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